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Software Installation Policy


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  • Published June 5, 2006
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Installation of unauthorized computer programs and software, including files downloaded and accessed on the Internet, can easily and quickly introduce serious, fast-spreading security vulnerabilities. Unauthorized software programs, even those seemingly provided by reputable vendors and trusted companies, can introduce viruses and Trojan programs that aid hackers' attempts to illegally obtain sensitive, proprietary, and confidential data. Protecting the organization's computers, systems, data, and communications from unauthorized access and guarding against data loss is of paramount importance; adherence to the following Software Installation Policy serves a critical role in the process.

This policy's purpose is to ensure that every employee, contractor, temporary worker, and volunteer understands and agrees to abide by specific guidelines for software, program, and application installation and use on organization-provided computers, systems, and networks. Also included is a risk assessment spreadsheet that helps you determine the importance of a software restriction policy for your network.

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