SOHO Network Modeling and Simulation Using OPNET

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Provided by: Journal of Theoretical and Applied Information Technology
Topic: Mobility
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The rapidly growing Internet is driving the demand for higher transmission capacity and high-speed networks. Designing an efficient network to achieve desirable performance is a challenging task, requiring designers to balance user performance expectations with costs and capacities. The paper is based on the OPNET simulation tool focusing on the question of whether faster connections are worth higher prices for the Small Office/Home Office network. The paper simulated 3 different scenarios comparing application performance with different connection speeds between a SOHO LAN and the ISP, to evaluate application performance and server capacity planning for web browsing, E-mail, video conferencing, database and FTP. It also examined how response times, throughput, utilization on the WAN link and other network performance measured. Use numbers to justify the authors' recommendation.
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