SolutionSeries: Examining Network Access Control


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  • Published December 11, 2007
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As workers become more flexible in their work hours and locations, they want to be able to access network resources whenever and from wherever they want. It's e asy to secure workstations connected to your network when they're relatively secured in an office. However, once users start accessing the network from everywhere, things become complicated. How do you make sure that remote users don't introduce viruses, malware, and other things to your network?

That's where Network Access Control (NAC) comes in. You can create policies to prevent users from connecting to a network if their workstations don't meet minimum requirements, such as having antivirus software, for example.

This SolutionSeries document takes a look at NAC. You'll learn what NAC is along with how you can make it work using solutions from various sources such as Microsoft, Cisco, and open source. Download the document and learn how to control who connects to your network and under what circumstances.

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