Solving Critical Digital Business Challenges Through Interconnection (German)

An IOA is a proven architectural framework that businesses can use to build an interconnected enterprise — directly and securely connecting people, locations, clouds and data.

By shifting your fundamental IT delivery architecture from siloed and centralized to interconnected and distributed, an IOA framework enables the following business benefits:

  • Speed: Cut establishment of connections from months to hours by architecting for connections across
    users, carriers and clouds
  • Scalability: Support more connections and workloads across more global locations, while lowering
    unit costs
  • Performance: Create superior, differentiated customer experiences and improve employee productivity
    by optimizing network topology
  • Choice: Mix and match connectivity models to fit changing consumption and service needs
  • Security: Bypass the public internet and place security services closer to users
  • Innovation: Capture new revenue opportunities using real-time analytics across your network, and
    rapidly assemble new business and technology capabilities irrespective of existing network paradigms

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