Solving Media Security Challenges in a Direct-to-Consumer World

Why Security Is More Important Than Ever in Today’s Direct-to-Consumer World

For media and gaming companies, direct-to-consumer (DTC) business models are skyrocketing in importance. As business models move online, so too do the security risks. Hackers are more tempted than ever to steal highly valuable premium content and sensitive user data. Content theft and data breaches put billions of dollars of value on the line 24/7. One security misstep can be devastating.

For all these reasons, security is now a top priority. Yet operating DTC businesses and fully understanding the accompanying security risks is still new terrain for many industry executives.

In this webinar, a team of Akamai security experts will discuss the following:

  • How are security risks evolving for media and gaming companies running DTC businesses?
  • What critical preventative steps should DTC security executives be pursuing?
  • What features must a comprehensive media security plan include?
  • How can your company stay a step ahead of hackers and address DTC security risks?
  • What are the key “pro tips” every security professional responsible for DTC businesses should know?

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