Special feature: Tech Budgets 2020: A CXO’s guide (Free PDF)

See the outlook for business leaders in 2020 and where they are spending their dollars. We’ve also got valuable advice for how to best optimize your budget plans.

This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, offers a detailed look at how companies plan their IT budgets.

From the ebook

IT budgeting is challenging at the best of times, but for 2020 an extra helping of political and economic instability — possibly even global recession — will make things even harder for CIOs.

Gartner and IDC both currently forecast significant growth in worldwide IT spending for 2020, a pattern echoed in recent surveys. Cloud infrastructure and applications are widely deployed, while investment in on-premises IT is not a priority.

Top concerns for business leaders are consistent and stable IT performance, improved business processes and greater operational efficiency, with issues such as enhanced customer experience, better security and innovative new products and services also prominent.

Organizations seem to be learning to live with ‘shadow IT’, or ‘business-managed IT’, but CIOs still have plenty of challenges ahead in terms of shaping their role in the modern C-suite.

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