SpeQuloS: A QoS Service for BoT Applications Using Best Effort Distributed Computing Infrastructures

Provided by: Association for Computing Machinery
Topic: Mobility
Format: PDF
Exploitation of Best Effort Distributed Computing Infrastructures (BE-DCIs) allow operators to maximize the utilization of the infrastructures, and users to access the un-used resources at relatively low cost. Because providers do not guarantee that the computing resources remain available to the user during the entire execution of their applications, they offer a diminished Quality of Service (QoS) compared to traditional infrastructures. Profiling the execution of Bag-of-Tasks (BoT) applications on several kinds of BE-DCIs demonstrates that their task completion rate drops near the end of the execution. In this paper, the authors present the SpeQuloS service which enhances the QoS of BoT applications executed on BE-DCIs by reducing the execution time, improving its stability, and reporting to users a predicted completion time.

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