Sprint MultiLine wins Frost & Sullivan New Product Innovation Award

One phone. Two lines.

MultiLine is an all-in-one app for business use on an employee’s personal smartphone, essentially creating two distinct lines (on a single device) — one for business and one for personal. The Multiline app is carrier-agnostic, adding an enterprise grade voice and text business line to employees’ personal phones, no matter what carrier they have. And, is compatible with any iOS or Android device.

Critically, the MultiLine solution
deploys across all domestic carriers on any iOS or Android smartphone and ensures high-quality service over cellular voice, cellular data and Wi-Fi.


The MultiLine app includes the following business-ready features:

  • Dialer
  • Contacts
  • Text messaging
  • Call logs
  • Voicemail
  • Scheduler
  • Auto-transfer
  • Three-way conferencing
  • “Do not disturb” setting
  • Moreover, MultiLine offers enterprise add-ons: mobile recording (both voice and text), enterprise mobility management (EMM) integrations, and an administrative portal.

    Easily managed

    For businesses concerned with compliance and regulation standards, the MultiLine management portal gives the business control over costs, wireless policy, individual call recording and archiving.

    Multiline provides visibility to detailed records and usage statistics in real-time for performance tracking and expense allocation.

    Read the Frost & Sullivan report or call 866-287-9926 for more details about MultiLine.

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