StarHub 5G brings the changes to Smart Broadcasting and Smart Events

Accelerate your business with 5G. Designed for performance, ultra-low latency, and extreme device densities, 5G is the next-gen cellular technology that StarHub is rolling out. The road to the future starts with 5G.

Ultra-low Latency
Say hello to real-time connections to the milliseconds. 5G’s ultra-low latency (ULL) capability rewrites the limitations of traditional wireless networks and unlocks a trove of exciting possibilities for industry-specific applications. From autonomous vehicles to cloud-powered robotics in smart factories, we are only just getting started.

Ultra-high Speed
Say hello to faster performance with ubiquitous connectivity to the last mile. Load rich, media-heavy websites at lightning speed, or watch ultra-HD (UHD) 4K or 8K content while on the move. With the incredible performance of 5G, you will enjoy greater reliability than ever to support data-intensive content and critical communications, which can be crucial in operations where milliseconds make a difference.

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