State of Security (Infographic)

Cybercrime remains prevalent, and damaging threats from criminals continue to loom over businesses and consumers.

During 2013, much attention was focused on cyber espionage, threats to privacy, and the acts of malicious insiders. However, the end of 2013 provided a painful reminder that cybercrime remains prevalent and that damaging threats from cybercriminals continue to loom over businesses and consumers. Eight breaches in 2013 each exposed greater than 10 million identities, targeted attacks increased, and end-user attitudes towards social media and mobile devices resulted in wild scams and laid a foundation for major problems for end users and businesses as these devices came to dominate our lives.

This infographic looks at:

  • The number of identities exposed via breaches
  • The top 10 types of information leaked
  • The number of marked growth in targeted and web-based attacks
  • Expert tips on avoiding corporate breaches.

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