State of the Internet: Financial Services Attack Economy (Spanish)

Phishing is a well-known attack vector in the financial and security industry space. The data shows that, in addition to unique phishing attempts, adversaries also leveraged credential stuffing attacks to the tune of 3.5 billion attempts during an 18-month period, putting the personal data and banking information of financial services customers at risk.

Despite massive amounts of effort poured into awareness campaigns, phishing still remains a top threat to financial services organizations including:

  • 50% of all the unique organizations impersonated by tracked phishing domains were from the financial services sector.
  • 6% of global malicious login attempts targeted the financial
  • Financial services industry accounted for 14% of all unique targets between 2017 to April, 2019

Read the 2019 State of the Internet / Security Financial Services Attack Economy Report to learn about lucrative phishing variants, and how criminals stage decoy attacks to distract from their real targets.

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