Statistically Bounding Detection Latency in Low-Duty-Cycled Sensor Networks

In this paper, the authors study the fundamental problem of bounding detection delays when the sensor network is low duty cycled. They propose a novel approach for statistically bounding detection latency for event detection in sensor networks. The key issue is the wakeup scheduling of sensor nodes and minimization of wakeup activity. They propose a lightweight distributed algorithm for coordinating the wakeup scheduling of the sensor nodes. A distinctive feature of this algorithm is that it ensures that the detection delay of any event occurring anywhere in the sensing field is statistically bounded. In addition, the algorithm exposes a convenient interface for users to define the requirement on detection latency, thereby tuning the intrinsic tradeoff between energy efficiency and event detection performance.

Provided by: Hindawi Publishing Topic: Mobility Date Added: Oct 2011 Format: PDF

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