Streaming Prevention in Cb Defense

Over the past three years, cyber attackers have gained the upper hand. In a defensive industry largely dominated by preventing malware, modern attackers have developed a robust suite of tactics and techniques to penetrate systems and steal data without using malware at all.

Using these tactics, adversaries can reach deep into an organization’s systems and pull out virtually any information they seek. These non-malware attacks have quickly become extremely dangerous and prevalent, as they have been weaponized and deployed on a global scale.

Despite this, many organizations are still defending themselves with machine-learning antivirus (AV) or traditional AV, which only stop malware- addressing only a small part of the problem.

Meanwhile, attackers continue to deploy undetectable non-malware threats any time they please. It’s time for a different approach to endpoint security: one that focuses on and stops all forms of cyber attacks, not just malware.

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