Supercharge Your Support Agents With Slack

Customer service is no longer just a cost center – it’s a core part of your business offering. Eighty percent of consumers now consider a company’s customer experience (CX) to be as important as the products or services it sells. In the same time, consumers say they want to interact with humans more as technology improves, not less.

Your ability to provide fast yet human service can make or break customer relationships. Every negative interaction is a potential deal-breaker. Nearly 50% of customers say they would switch to a competitor after only one bad experience, and that number jumps to 80% in the case of more than one bad experience.

This makes your support agents key to your competitive success, especially in today’s microeconomic climate, where the cost of losing customers is very high.

To transform your customer experience, you must transform how your support teams collaborate with the broader company.

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