SVD-Aided Power Allocation and Iterative Detection Scheme for Turbo-BLAST System with Imperfect Channel State Information

A new technique that combines adaptive power allocation and iterative detection based on Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) is introduced for the modified Turbo-BLAST system with Imperfect Channel State Information (I-CSI). At the transmitter, in order to maximize the capacity performance, the MIMO channel is decomposed into several parallel eigen subchannels by SVD, and then proper power based on the water-filling principle is allocated to every subchannel subject to the total transmit power constraint. At the receiver, the modified MMSE detector taking the CSI imperfection into account is used to remove the coantenna interference, and then the turbo idea is employed for iterative detection to lower the system BER.

Provided by: Hindawi Publishing Topic: Data Centers Date Added: Jun 2011 Format: PDF

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