Tablets in Healthcare: Dell Latitude 10 with Windows vs. Apple iPad

Hospitals purchasing tablets for use by employees have a wide variety of options available. Choosing a model that is easy and quick to deploy, maintain, update, and restore can dramatically reduce the time that the IT department must spend on management, which can save a great deal of money over the lifecycle of the device.

We compared how much time the hospital IT staff would spend with two different tablets, the Dell Latitude 10 powered by the dual core Intel Atom processor Z2760 and running Microsoft Windows 8 and the Apple iPad.

We found that when we considered IT staff time on this subset of tasks and additional expenses, each Latitude 10 tablet would cost the hospital 59.7% less to manage over the course of three years than each iPad would cost to manage over that same period.

As our analysis and IT task testing demonstrates, the Windows 8-based Dell Latitude 10 tablet can provide a hospital with great savings thanks to its ability to integrate into an existing hospital environment. Because this tablet is supported by the SCCM management tool that lets IT staff manage devices simultaneously, installing and updating software on a fleet of these tablets can take minutes rather than weeks. Selecting a tablet that can dramatically cut management time can result in significant savings for the hospital.

To find out how we came to these results, download “Tablets in Healthcare: Dell Latitude 10 with Windows vs. Apple iPad” today.


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