Tactics in Optimizing Virtual Machine Disk IOPS

Learn in The Essentials Series: Tactics in Optimizing Virtual Machine Disk IOPS how a bad design combined with incorrect VM configurations can be destructive on performance. You'll understand the poor practices that hinder VM disk I/O and how Windows old enemy fragmentation has a significant impact. Optimizing your VMs requires doing the same with their disks. That's why this ES concludes with a look at the requirements you'll want in your specification for a VM disk optimization solution.

This complete series includes the following articles:
  • Article 1: Poor Practices that Hinder VM Disk IOPS
  • Article 2: The Impact of Fragmentation on VM Disk IOPS
  • Article 3: Defining Requirements for a VM Disk Optimization Solution
Provided by: Condusiv Technologies Topic: Storage Date Added: Apr 2012 Format: PDF

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