Take control of your privacy in Windows 10

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Where do you draw the line on personal privacy? The right options are different for everyone. In this guide, Ed Bott show you which privacy settings help you create the right balance of privacy and convenience in Windows 10.

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Let's start with the part of your PC that has the biggest impact on your personal privacy..

No one knows more about your online identity than your Internet service provider. Every packet you send or receive from anywhere online goes through their servers. When you travel and connect to Wi-Fi networks that are under the control of others, the owners of those networks can see every connection you make and can intercept their contents..

Regardless of the platform you use, that's why it's important you use encrypted connections for any kind of sensitive communications. Using a virtual private network whenever possible is an excellent best practice..

In the initial release of Windows 10, the Wi-Fi Sense feature allowed Windows 10 to share a Wi-Fi password with some of your contacts. That controversial feature has been removed, and the Wi-Fi Sense feature now consists exclusively of an option to connect to open hotspots that have been marked as known and trusted by Microsoft. If you'd prefer never to make those automatic connections, to to Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi and turn the Connect to suggested open hotspots slider to the Off position..

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