Tame Pool-Based Pairwise Key Predistribution for Large-Scale Sensor Networks

Provided by: National Taiwan University
Topic: Security
Format: PDF
Due to resource constraints on sensor nodes, public key cryptography is not desirable to use in sensor networks. In this paper, the authors first develop a novel tame-based key predistribution approach, where they exploit tame automorphisms to get symmetric and two-one bivariate maps for the pair-wise key establishment. This tame-based approach can provide deterministic authentication between two parties. They, then present a general framework for the key predistribution, on the basis of the tame-based approach. It turns out that this tame map can substitute the conventional polynomial in any existing polynomial-based scheme to offer deterministic authentication service. In particular, they further introduce a new key predistribution scheme, the local symmetric-tame maps predistribution scheme, based on this framework and the deployment information.

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