Tech budgets 2021: A CXO’s Guide (free PDF)

COVID-19 has accelerated business trends, like remote work and digital transformation and forced IT leaders to adapt their budgets accordingly. In this Tech Budgets 2021 special feature, ZDNet and TechRepublic examines how business leaders are spending their tech dollars. We’ve also got valuable advice for how to best optimize your budget plans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Read these articles and more in this free PDF download.

In the download:

  • IT budgets 2020-21: Planning for business continuity in uncertain times
  • Research: How COVID-19 will affect 2021 IT budgets
  • Building a viable IT budget for 2021 in a time of uncertainty: Seven critical steps
  • CIO Jury: 83% of tech leaders changed IT priorities this year due to the pandemic
  • 5 budget mistakes to avoid during COVID-19
  • Hardware to consider adding to your 2021 IT budget
  • How CXO’s are reconfiguring budgets in the new normal of increased remote work
  • Australian businesses to tread carefully as economic uncertainty remains high
  • IT spending will be viewed through new lens as business resumes post COVID-19
  • Offices, work sites, employee roles to be reconfigured post COVID-19, say CFOs
  • Singapore government ups ICT spending by 30% to fuel post-pandemic recovery, digital transformation
  • Worldwide IT spending in 2020 estimates boosted to $3.5 trillion, ‘swoop’ recovery expected
  • And more!

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