Telemarketing Fraud

The article tells that most telephone sales calls are made by legitimate businesses offering legitimate products or services. There is no way to positively determine whether a sales call is on the up and up simply by talking with someone on the phone. Phone swindlers are likely to know more about one than one know about them. Fraudulent sales callers have one thing in common: They are skilled liars and experts at verbal camouflage. Perpetrators of phone fraud are extremely good at sounding as though they represent legitimate businesses. Victims of phone fraud seldom get their money back -- or, at best, no more than a few cents on the dollar. To avoid becoming a victim we should not be pushed into a hurried decision. Always request written information, by mail about the product, service, investment or charity and about the organization that's offering it. If an investment or major purchase is involved, request that information also be sent to the accountant, financial advisor, banker, or attomey for evaluation and an opinion.

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