Telephone interview cheat sheet: Field/systems engineer


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  • Published October 30, 2018
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Phone interviews can save time and speed up the hiring process. This cheat sheet will make it easy to ask both general and job-specific questions, allowing you to compare candidates for the field/systems engineer job in a systematic way.

From the cheat sheet:

This cheat sheet is an IT manager aid for recruiting a qualified field or systems engineer. Complete each field to keep telephone interviews on track and ensure that important details aren’t neglected during the first step of the recruitment process. General candidate information is collected first, followed by answers to position-specific questions. Recording such qualifications, experience, professional objectives, and temperament data will give you a baseline against which to compare potential candidates. We’ve supplied sample answers to help you complete the cheat sheet. You can replace them with your own candidate information.

Are you comfortable working with some-times demanding department heads and competing priorities?
The candidate shared experiences she’s had supporting multiple simultaneous outages impacting stores’ ability to operate following thunderstorms. When such crises arise, she begins triaging problems, performing first the tasks that will restore operations to the most sites most quickly, while also regularly providing updates to those still awaiting assistance.

How much experience do you have using ticketing systems?
The candidate’s previous employer used an industry-standard ticketing system. She had no issues working with that software. She implemented an open source ticketing solution of her own volition at her current firm to better enable tracking issues and generating efficiency reports.

Do you prioritize documentation?
The candidate was required to generate standardized documentation at her previous employer and built an Intranet to provide end users with common FAQ information at her current post. She also collected network and server documentation, which she maintains using a low-cost cloud service, at her current employer that previously had no formal documentation.

Have you administered Office 365 accounts?
The candidate implemented Office 365 for email services at her current employer. She advocated implementing Microsoft Office desktop licensing and leveraging OneDrive services organization-wide, too, but her employer isn’t yet ready to absorb those corresponding costs.

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