The 10 Biggest and Boldest Insider: Threats of 2019 and 2020

Over the last two years alone, insider security incidents have jumped
47%, with the average cost per incident up 31%.

That risk is only increasing in an era of remote working and
distributed teams. Without a holistic security strategy in place,
organizations face insider-caused breaches from negligent,
malicious and compromised insiders.

And they aren’t just employees. Anyone with insider access, including outside contractors, consultants and vendors, can pose
an insider risk. Despite the risk, most organizations do not have a
formal insider threat management (ITM) program in place.

This e-book reviews 10 headline-grabbing insider threat incidents
that provide a useful glimpse into the reality of this growing threat.
We explore:

  • What these incidents look like
  • Who is behind them—and why
  • Why insider incidents may be intentional, accidental or
    the result of account compromise
  • How much they cost the organizations they hit
  • What we can learn from them to better protect your organizations
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