The AppScale Cloud Platform: Enabling Portable, Scalable Web Application Deployment

Provided by: Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers
Topic: Cloud
Format: PDF
As compute power, disk storage, and high-end network communication costs plummet, cloud computing has emerged to provide intuitive, utility-style access to vast pools of resources (compute, storage, networking, and software services). Although such processing power is cheap and readily available, accessing it from cloud infrastructure providers via Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) currently requires significant expertise, experience, and time to customize, configure, deploy, and manage Virtual Machines (VMs). Recent advances in platform-level cloud computing (Platform as a Service, or PaaS) have significantly simplified cloud use by giving developers complete software/runtime stacks (versus the self-service VMs of IaaS) on which to execute their Web-accessible applications (apps) and services.

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