The best alternatives to the Raspberry Pi (free PDF)

From low-cost options to more powerful boards, this ebook offers a comprehensive look at a wide array of Raspberry Pi alternatives.

From the ebook:

Six years after the release of the $35 Raspberry Pi computer, demand remains as strong as ever, with sales on track to pass 18 million boards anytime now.

The Pi’s initial success stemmed from its being a budget board packed with enough computing power and features to perform tasks ranging from controlling robots to running a media center, but its enduring popularity results from its strong software support and extensive community, who help newcomers and have created a wealth of tutorials and guides.

However, the Pi is not alone. A broad spectrum of single-board computers exists—some are similar to the Pi, some are budget bare bones offerings, and others are more expensive but packed with improvements.

The quality of these boards varies greatly, as does the type of tasks they are suited to. This guide will walk you through some decent options for Pi alternatives while also highlighting the drawbacks.

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