The Blade Is Mightier than the Rack Server

Provided by: HP US
Topic: Data Centers
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With the typical data center rack, every time you add a new server, you have to add more cables, more interconnects, more switches, more power, and on and on. It's almost impossible to make changes without having meeting after meeting, and then, eventually, someone is going to have to go into the hot aisle and wrestle with wires. Back in the Dark Ages, if they put someone "on the rack," it was a form of torture. So, fess up: Isn't managing all your servers on all those racks pretty torturous as well? CBS Interactive is proud to present "The blade is mightier than the rack server," a comprehensive guide to HP’s BladeSystem, the fastest way out of the torture chamber and into the shining new world of blades.

  • Learn about modular and managed enclosures, Virtual Connect (a way of wiring once, only once), and a wide variety of server and storage blades.
  • Discover new and exciting management strategies that can help you manage all your blades more cost effectively and with greater performance.
  • Explore the wide range of technologies available to BladeSystem users, from super high-density memory arrays to ultra, high-performance servers, to the most cost-effective of blade solutions.
Don’t miss "The blade is mightier than the rack server." It’s quite amazing how much improvement you can see by simply reorganizing your data center around an advanced blade infrastructure. As you’ll see in this guide, blades — particularly HP’s BladeSystem, which integrates into smart systems and robust enclosures — are the future of the data center.

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