The Breach Prevention Playbook

It seems like every day we hear of a new, high-profile breach. No longer are we shocked when some major brand is exposed as having lost data to outside bad actors or internal enemies. The question has switched from “will I be breached?” to “when will I be breached?” This eBook provides tactics and easily implemented technologies that can bolster your chances of not only surviving the inevitable breach but enabling your organization to emerge with minimal damage.

In American football, there’s an adage that the best offense is a good defense – and its sister catchphrase – defense wins championships. In the battle against cyber-attacks, it’s all about choosing the right defense to combat the ever-changing tactics used by bad actors both outside and inside your organization. In order for an offense to succeed, it must find and exploit weakness in the opposition’s defense.

For those readers not familiar with American football: in its simplest form, a defense is primarily made up of two parts – a front line and the secondary. The front line’s job is to limit penetration by the other team’s players across the line of scrimmage. The secondary’s role is to track and guard the other team’s players that sprint and crisscross down the field and to prevent these sneaky and speedy players from successfully invading and gaining ground for their team.

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