Special report: The cloud v. data center decision (free PDF)

This ebook, based on the latest ZDNet/TechRepublic special feature, takes a close look at the current enterprise trends surrounding cloud migrations.

From the ebook:

Cloud-based compute, networking and storage infrastructure, and cloud-native applications, are now firmly on the radar of IT managers—be they in startups, small businesses or large enterprises. So much so that, whereas a few years ago the question facing CIOs was “Which workloads should I move to the cloud?”, it’s now becoming “Which, if any, workloads should I keep on-premises?”. While most organisations will probably end up pursuing a hybrid cloud strategy, it’s worth examining this turnaround, and the reasons behind it.

The general background, as ZDNet has explored in recent special features, is the competitive pressure for organisations to undergo a digital transformation based on cloud-native applications and methods such as DevOps, in pursuit of improved IT and organisational performance.

However, it’s unlikely to be all over for the enterprise data center just yet: businesses still need to ‘keep the lights on’ while modernising their app portfolios, and there are plenty of legacy applications in use where migration to the cloud is difficult and/or expensive.

Data centre trends
The Uptime Institute (part of the 451 Group) publishes an annual Data Center Industry Survey, examining the trends driving the IT infrastructure market. The most recent published survey is for 2016, and the 2017 results are imminent (at the time of writing).

The Uptime Institute’s survey population includes respondents from both enterprise IT and service providers (including cloud and colocation vendors). The results for the last few years support the view that the focus is moving from on-premises to third-party data centres.

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