The Drivers And Inhibitors Of Cloud-Based External DNS

Report: The Drivers and Inhibitors of Cloud-Based External DNS

Will the Cloud Revolution Convert External DNS?

Across industries, companies of all sizes have embraced business applications and platforms that are based on the cloud. After all, doing so offers numerous benefits in terms of deployment, upkeep, reliability, and cost as compared to running the same services on premise. These advantages apply just as well to domain name server (DNS) technology. Yet a significant majority of enterprises choose to keep their external DNS deployments on premise.

To learn why, Neustar recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to survey a sample of midmarket and enterprise firms. The study measured their rates of external DNS deployment to the cloud and inquired into what either encouraged or discouraged such migrations.

The findings of the survey are summarized in this report:

  • What pushes companies away from on-premises DNS?
  • What pulls companies toward cloud-based DNS?
  • What holds companies back from making the switch to cloud-based DNS?
  • Why DNS decision-makers prefer managed service providers
  • Which are the top DNS selection criteria

Learn what’s helping and hindering the cloud revolution in converting external DNS. Download the report.

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