The Economic Advantages of Google BigQuery versus Alternative Cloud-based EDW Solutions.

The on-premises enterprise data warehouse (EDW) has been the backbone of many top enterprises over the past few decades. Organisations that possess the scale and IT budget to operate an at-scale EDW have reaped the tangible business advantages provided through timely and well-correlated intelligence.

Today, data is growing at a much faster velocity and organisations are collecting data from a much larger variety of devices. The traditional on-premises EDW is not agile or scalable enough to keep up with the ever-changing demands of today’s next-generation data warehouse (DW) requirements.

For IT agility and effective global consolidation of data sources, organisations must look to cloud based solutions such as Google BigQuery.

Explore the benefits organisations can expect with Google BigQuery when compared with other leading cloud-based enterprise data warehouse (EDW) services.

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