The Essential Guide to AIOps

AIOps is the practice of applying analytics and machine learning to big data to automate and improve IT operations.These new learning systems can analyze massive amounts of network and machine data to find patterns not always identified by human operators.These patterns can both identify the cause of existing problems and predict future impacts.

It’s also important to give IT teams the time to work on building, maintaining and improving systems. This vital work can’t be assigned as a side project or entry-level job if you expect meaningful change.Put your best people on it. Make it a high priority so other work can’t infringe on it. AIOps practices are iterative and must be refined over time; this can only be done with mature and consistent focus on improvement.

If you’re an IT and networking professional, you’ve been told over and over that data is your company’s most important asset, and that big data will transform your world forever. AI is a revolution and it’s here to stay — and AIOps provides a concrete way to turn the hype about AI and big data into reality. From improving security to streamlining operations to increasing productivity, AIOps is a practical, readily available way to help you grow and scale your IT operations to meet future challenges, solidifying IT’s role as a strategic enabler of business growth.

Read more to learn about how AIOps will help your business predict and prevent issues from ever arising and quickly resolve operational disruptions in real time.

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