The Four Factors Necessary for Zero Trust

In Forrester’s latest report: The Zero Trust eXtended Ecosystem, the research firm suggests specific areas that make up the Zero Trust universe: Data, People, Networks, Workloads and Devices.

In order to arrive at Zero Trust, however, any organization needs to ensure four factors are in place within their network security design and deployment:

  • Visibility
  • Analysis
  • Security Intent
  • Orchestration

This is a natural progression of sorts: visibility means you know what’s within your network, then analysis allows you to understand what’s there, followed by security intent determining what’s permissible and orchestration allowing the entire process to be automated. (Manually it would be very taxing.)

There’s more to all this, of course: we need to talk about scalable data ingest and traffic flow analysis, as well as network awareness and adaptation.

We do all that in our recent eBook on Zero Trust, available for download at the right.

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