The Fragmentation Challenge: Improving Enterprise Application Performance in a SaaS World

Cloud adoption is well underway and the need for agility is driving enterprises to accelerate SaaS deployments and move mission-critical applications to the cloud. However, many are finding their application performance is lagging.

The increasing adoption of SaaS is driving fragmentation of the enterprise software stack – from the applications and data to the physical locations from where they are served. This is further compounded by device proliferation and BYOD as users access corporate resources beyond the WAN.

While enterprises look for big agility gains from the cloud, this complexity stands in the way. Although this is a new challenge for many enterprises, it’s a problem that has already been solved in the global capital markets.

Inside you’ll learn how the high-performance, low latency and ultra-secure frontier blazed by the capital markets now serves as a prototype for how to architect networks and infrastructure to support today’s globally distributed enterprises.

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