The Future of Fulfilment Asia Pacific Vision Study

“Zebra recently surveyed manufacturers, retailers and logistics firms to see how they’re handling new customer fulfilment expectations now that e-commerce accounts for $2.3 trillion in global sales. The study revealed that:

  • • 95% agree that e-commerce is driving the need for faster delivery.
  • • 55% of organizations still use pen and paper to manage omnichannel logistics.
  • • 61% say automation is disrupting the industry.
  • It’s clear that the rise of omnichannel fulfillment is sparking big-time changes. Where will the industry go from here? The answer: It’s going digital.Access Reinventing the Supply Chain: The Future of Fulfillment Vision Study to see the rest of the results and find out how fulfillment is expected to change to meet future customer expectations.

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