The Future of Workload Automation in the Application Economy

Over the years we have seen enterprise workload automation evolve from the mainframe to distributed servers like Unix and Windows, then to include ERP platforms as well as other operating systems. Newer application delivery models such as cloud and IT-as-a-service are further disrupting the space and adding complexity to the underlying infrastructure. The move toward DevOps by many organizations, which results in more frequent product releases, requires more dynamic IT services.

Responding with both relevance and velocity to these new demands is difficult when you have no current, end-to-end visibility into what’s happening across your enterprise, or when you’re processing workloads based on inflexible workload placement and schedules.

As you roll out new technologies and initiatives, you need to consider and plan for related impacts to workload processing and the availability of critical applications across your System z, distributed and cloud environments.

The future is bright for CA Workload Automation. Learn what you can expect from a solution that is designed to truly offer the simplicity, visibility and agility you need.

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