The Generation Game: The FinServ Guide to the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

In the next decade alone, Baby Boomers will hand down as much as $8.8 trillion in assets to the generations that follow. Without a doubt, this represents the greatest wealth transfer in history. It also represents a huge shift in customer expectations, because these generations do not bank in the same ways.

How do financial institutions provide the best digital experiences and connect with younger customers, while continuing to engage their existing aging audiences?

Optimizely’s partner, Hero Digital, recently produced a report exploring these differences and how banks should be reacting to them. Their report, called ‘From Boomers to Zoomers: Preparing Banks for the Greatest Generational Wealth Transfer in History’, reveals what matters most to customers and what this means when it comes to creating meaningful connections across the generations. The report was closely followed by a dedicated webinar in partnership with experts from Optimizely.

Now, this ebook combines the learnings from both. It will bring you up to date with the impact this transfer of wealth will have on the banking industry, how expectations differ by generation, the essential attributes that will keep banks competitive, and how to stay relevant in the digital space.

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