The great pivot in global eCommerce

Last year, the pandemic brought the
world to a grinding halt, creating mass
uncertainty across almost every facet
of business operations. As the uneven
pandemic recovery continues, it’s clear
shopping behaviours have changed for
good, with wide-reaching impacts on
the world of eCommerce.

A notable outcome of this shared change is that
markets now have more in common than what sets
them apart. A groundswell of new shoppers came
online around the world, surging adoption by nearly
28% in 20201
. In the U.S., 10 years of projected growth
happened in just 90 days
. Countries with the lowest
pre-COVID eCommerce penetration saw some of the
largest migrations to online shopping, led by Mexico.

As more shoppers appeared, new behaviours
emerged, with large, developing nations leading the
way. Facing product shortages, budget constraints and concerns about in-person shopping, consumers
showed a far greater willingness to try new brands
and new ways of shopping, flocking to digital and
omnichannel options.

The 2021 Borderless Commerce Report captures and highlights the
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