The Hidden Costs of File Sharing and Collaboration with SharePoint

The “centralization” trend, driven by the economies-of-scale promised by cloud computing and consolidating IT operations into fewer data centers, has driven nearly every organization to commit to this strategy in some way. Riding the coattails of this trend is Microsoft SharePoint, the de facto standard for document management and collaboration.

While it is true that SharePoint 2010 can address a wide variety of needs, those who lack hands-on SharePoint experience may be surprised by SharePoint’s cost and complexity, especially when it comes to business file sharing and collaboration.

Beware of Centralization Pitfalls - Especially Over a WAN

The centralized nature of SharePoint poses unique challenges for file collaboration users who are geographically dispersed and connected by a WAN, which quickly becomes not only a performance bottleneck, but also a single point of failure. Other key considerations include:

  • Infrastructure requirements
  • Fault tolerance considerations
  • Administrative and security requirements
  • SharePoint alternatives for business file sharing and collaboration requirements
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