The Hidden Costs of Free: Why Microsoft 365’s Native Security Features May Not Be the Value They Seem

As more and more organisations make the
move to Microsoft 365, the software giant is
pitching the platform as a way to consolidate
security, compliance and e-discovery. It promises
advanced threat protection, data protection
and an online archive that’s all about privacy
and meeting robust data-retention requirements.

It may seem like a no-brainer. Why spend more
money on third-party email security or archiving
when it comes as part of your Microsoft licence?
Aren’t all email, cloud and compliance solutions
pretty much the same?

The answers to those questions aren’t as
simple as they seem. Microsoft security might
be fine for some purposes. But it could also
lead to problems and cost more than you
expect. That’s because not all advanced threat
protection or compliance archiving solutions are
created equal.

An advanced email security
solution can provide better security and
compliance defences in today’s stormy
cybersecurity environment. Microsoft 365’s
native offerings just may not offer the level
of security and compliance you need.

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