The Hidden Costs of Microsoft Office 365 Security and Compliance

If your organisation has decided to migrate to Microsoft Office 365 while you’ll likely benefit from its cloud collaboration capabilities, you might want to ask more about what Office 365 means for security, compliance and e-discovery. It sounds hard to turn down the promise of advanced threat protection, data protection and an online archive designed to meet privacy, compliance and data-retention requirements especially when it’s all included with your Office 365 deployment. Why spend more money on third-party email security or archiving when it comes as part of your Microsoft license? Aren’t all email security and compliance solutions pretty much the same?

While free Microsoft security might be fine for some purposes, it could also lead to problems and cost more than you expect. Not all advanced threat, email security, or compliance archiving solutions are created equal. In the same way, an advanced email security solution can provide better security and compliance defences in today’s stormy cyber security environment.

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