The Imperatives of Entrepreneurial Skills to Small Businesses' Turnover in Nigeria

Provided by: The International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
Topic: Software
Format: PDF
Entrepreneurs face a deck hoard against them by large corporations with enormous budgets; (in some industries) they enjoy massive government subsidies, and politicians who are indebted to them always at their beck and call. The 'Service' industries are largely disinterested in them as banks find them expensive accounts to manage for the amounts involved; good consultants are far more interested in the big corporations that can give them contracts than mean-and-lean entrepreneurs. And, just to make matters worse, the global economy is teetering, wildly overextended by reckless spending and debt at all levels of the economy, with price bubbles everywhere, dependent on cheap foreign sources of resource supply (natural and human), and utterly unsustainable.

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