The Innovator’s Guide to Modern Note Taking (German)

We clunk away at a keyboard and end up with half a gigabyte of meeting minutes on our hard drive that we’ll never read again to go with the two dozen scribbled receipts we keep shoved in the glove box.

With the right tools and attitude, we can capitalize on this familiar tool to boost productivity and innovation.

In addition, modern note taking gives you opportunities to visualize ideas in ways you never have before, expanding the innovative space and transforming the way you create.

Together, this allows a method of note a king that’s easy to organize, share, save, and access while improving retention, creativity, and collaboration.

By replacing the bulk of a keyboard with the mobility of a ball point pen, we are free to live, work, and create where ever we see fit. Break away from the desk and chase inspiration in the world around you.

Products like Microsoft’s Surface and the Live scribe smart pen let you harness the natural inclinations for scratching down notes and sketches to the limitless capabilities of cloud technology.

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