The Next Normal: What The World Could Look Like In 2021 And Beyond

COVID-19 is forcing companies to reevaluate their strategy. It’s an unfortunate reality that those companies that cannot adapt might well not survive.

Millions of people will have gained some experience of working from home, and many of them will have come to realize remote work’s benefits.

A common way to anticipate the future is to look to the past. Back in 2001, IP telephony, videoconferencing, and resources mostly didn’t exist—at best, they were rare and expensive, and they lacked scalability.

Today, all that has changed. Good-quality Cloud services enable anywhere/anytime management—whether on a PC or on a smartphone—of all the applications people would typically have to be in an office to run.

Logitech Collaboration Program ensures you get an integrated video solution with easy setup and a great video experience. For partners, the LCP provides access to Logitech Software Reference Kit as well as marketing resources and product innovations to help grow your business.

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