The Rent Company Case Study

The Rent Company helps teachers and students in the Netherlands stay focused on academic excellence through Dell devices with Intel®-based Dell processors.

In 2012, The Rent Company (TRC) began selling Dell devices running Intel® processors to schools and colleges. The company soon identified the challenges that educators had in managing the devices day in and day out. Ronald van den Boogaard, who founded TRC, says, “Educators were surprised at how intensively the devices were used and the effort needed to maintain them.”

Teachers and students choose from a complete range of Dell devices to meet their educational needs. They also have peace of mind that the devices will be well supported by TRC. Van den Boogaard says, “We have Dell ProSupport Flex for PCs, so we get 24x7x365 phone access to experts, and we use a Dell Technology Service Manager along with Dell EMC TechDirect to manage support.

We find that the services and training from Dell Technologies, combined with the performance of Intel processors, allow us to deliver a great level of stability to our customers.”

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