The Rise of Machine Data:  Are you prepared?

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Provided by: IBM
Topic: Big Data
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Businesses contain countless systems, sensors, meters, and other IT devices generating volumes of data daily. But, are your devices and systems simply sharing data or are they having a conversation that enables better business outcomes?

There are more than 10 billion wirelessly connected devices today and over 30 billion devices expected by 2020. Machine-to-machine communications will drive future strategic decisions, allowing for more informed, automated, and effective business decisions. However, handling machine data involves challenges that can overwhelm unprepared organizations.

Companies that can perform this analysis across a variety of data (and do so with speed and accuracy) stand to reap rewards in business efficiency, customer satisfaction, and strategic success. Learn what questions you need to answer, and how the IBM approach to the Internet of Things takes all of this into account to help you gain business insights and real-time visibility into the customer experience.

Download IBM’s "Rise of Machine Data: Are you Prepared?" White paper and learn how you can make machine-to-machine data and the Internet of Things work for your organization.
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