The rise of the Enterprise Intelligence Platform

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Topic: Innovation
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The launch of the first-generation Apple iPhone in 2011 provided a prime example of the celebrated stagecraft of Steve Jobs. In front of an expectant crowd, Jobs teased that Apple was about to launch three new products: a widescreen iPod, a revolutionary new mobile phone and an internet communicator.

It seems absurd today to think that anyone ever believed there was a market for internet communication devices distinct from the mobile phone. However, Jobs expertly used the audience’s preconceived notions about existing product categories at the time to build the tension and expectation before it was revealed that Apple was introducing not three devices, but a single device that would address what had previously been considered three distinct market categories.

We are reminded of this as we consider the emergence of what we have termed the Enterprise Intelligence Platform: a new product category in the analytics space that combines functionality from what have previously been considered three distinct product categories: data integration, data storage and processing, and analytics.

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