The ROI of Cloud-based Financial Applications

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Provided by: Intacct
Topic: Banking
Format: PDF
Thinking about moving your financial apps to the cloud?

Chances are, you've asked yourself the same crucial question that's applied to every strategic decision in your business: What's the ROI? A solid business case not only unlocks budget dollars, it provides a roadmap for successful deployment and maximum value.

Analysis by Nucleus Research has determined that cloud-based financial applications enable customers to achieve rapid payback and high return on investment over time. In this whitepaper, you’ll learn:
  • The three steps to building an effective business case.
  • How to calculate key financial metrics -- such as ROI and payback period.
  • How to prioritize your deployment based on five key ROI factors to maximize returns and minimize risk.
  • Results from real-life case studies of cloud-based financial application deployments.
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