The State of Cloud Native Security 2020

As the engine that powers business, science, education, government and so many other human endeavors, computing has evolved enormously over the past few decades – and that evolution is accelerating.

Today, the focus is less on the hardware underlying computing and more on the application itself. We abstract computing away from the hardware as much as possible, in myriad ways: the concept of the cloud itself, as well as the specific technologies for operating in the cloud, such as virtual machines (VMs), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), containers, managed container services such as Kubernetes and more.

As we adopt all these enabling technologies, we introduce a new responsibility: securing cloud systems and the data we are running on them. The need to address threats has created an entire market for security tools and services.

Today we have a whole new set of decisions to make, security plans and protocols to create, and processes to develop and implement. That is why you now have this STATE OF CLOUD NATIVE SECURITY report available to download. The companies behind this survey and research project all want to better understand the landscape our customers are operating in, so we can do a better job of helping them.

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