The Strategic Imperative for Smarter Digital Selling Amid Unprecedented Volatility

As the global economy continues to emerge from the worst pandemic in more than a century, one overriding fact is inarguably true for virtually every business and industry sector: The old rules no longer apply. Gone are the days of standard fixed prices, face-to-face interactions, endless rounds of negotiations, and patience for sales process friction. Instead, unprecedented volatility, changing buyer expectations – and demands – are significantly disrupting “business as usual,” and creating threats and opportunities in numerous areas.

While the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated numerous trends, the seeds of these changes were planted long ago. Many companies are now fast-tracking their
digital transformations, but the manner of their approach can be a major factor in the success of those efforts.

In this white paper, PROS explores the criticality of pricing and how it can help companies prepare to win in the coming years.

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