The Top 4 Myths of Policy Compliance

Welcome to the world of overflowing regulations and compliance standards, of evolving infrastructure and the ever-present breach. It’s a world where 72% of security and compliance personnel say their jobs are more difficult today than just two years ago.

Within the security industry, we are constantly searching for a solution to the next breach while simultaneously maintaining pace with business and regulatory compliance. But the fact is, no one knows what could happen next. One of the first steps is to recognize the inherent limits to our knowledge and faculties of prediction. From there, we can adopt methods of reason, evidence and proactive measures to maintain compliance in a changing world.

Dethroning the myth of passive compliance is an important step to achieve security agility, reduce risk and discover threats at hyper-speed. This paper highlights the necessary steps to improve security posture, avoid non-compliance and spot threats earlier with real-time analysis.

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